Silent Salesman sells for you

Selling to your customers without effort from you.

For Your Customers

Suitable for any business with a Point Of Sale.

Eye Catching

Catch your customer’s attention. Stimulate an interest in your business.


Get your customers in the festive mood with a seasonal display.

What is Silent Salesman?

Small to large displays that helps sell services and products to your customers. Suitable for spaces from your business receptionist’s desk to large spaces in shopping centres.

  • Warmly welcome customers to your business.
  • Point of sale Visual Merchandising.
  • Enhance your customers’ in-store experience.
  • A Silent Salesman creates an emotional connection with the customer stimulating their interest in the event or product.
  • A Silent Salesman grabs the attention of a passer-by by creating excitement and interest and turns them into a customer.
  • Attract your customer’s attention to upcoming events and guide them to a buying decision.
  • A strategically positioned Silent Salesman conveys the message for you.

Hassle Free Hire

All displays are available for weekly or monthly hire.

Hire fees include:

  • Delivery
  • Set up
  • and take down and removal.

Displays for:

Seasonal Displays:

Let us help you promote your business

Welcome your customers to your business effortlessly.